Forums & Fonts – time for another update!

Forums & Fonts – time for another update!

published 4 months ago

Hello, coders! How have you all been? Are you learning everything well? Actually, don’t answer that yet. Why? Because we’ve got some more updates to give you all!

The Community Forums are now open!

Our big focus here at OptionalBits – along with teaching you how to code – is creating a network of developers that help each other learn and grow. We want to make it easy for you to ask for help, find answers, and learn more about what it’s like to be a professional developer.

And that network is finished! Like, right now! We’ve got Community Forums now! Go take a look!

Our forums will make it much easier to discuss lessons and ask questions. We’ll be browsing them ourselves from time to time, so make sure to pop in and say hi!

New Notification: Notifications are on the way!

The forums are just one part of how we plan to make OptionalBits more engaging. Another part is to keep you all in the loop when we do something new.

We’re working on a notification system that will work with our new forums. You’ll be alerted when people post replies to your questions, send you messages, and even when we’ve posted new lessons! We’ll notify you when we’ve got them ready.

We hear ya: we changed our font!

We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from you all, and we’re very happy to see how many people love our lessons! Yet the most common feedback we received was kind of a shocker: you all didn’t care for our original font choice for the site.

We were heartbroken: we spent literally minutes picking that font out! But we got the message loud and clear: you all want a more readable font. So we bit the bullet and made the switch: the official site fonts of OptionalBits are now Gotham Rounded and Whitney!

We’ll level with you here: we’ve had our eyes on these fonts for a while, waiting for an excuse to use them. So we’d like to thank you all for justifying the purchase. It’s a small first step in our big new design Guillaume has got in the works!

First things first: concentrate on content!

Our top priority right now is to release more and more new lessons for you all. Our goal is to add a couple lessons a week. To do so, we’d like to ask just two things of you.

The first thing we’d like to ask is for you to remember that we’re a small operation right now. Our team has just three people, and we’re all working full-time jobs to support our families while we dedicate ourselves to increasing the value that OptionalBits provides. We love getting messages from you all and hearing how much OptionalBits has been helping you – your support keeps us going!

And on that note, the second thing we’d like you to do is help us spread OptionalBits around the web. The best way to help us release more lessons is to share OptionalBits with everyone you know. You’ve all been an amazing force so far – we’ve been seeing a lot of new signups! Every share brings more content and more features, so keep up the great work!

So how is your coding going?

Now we can revisit our question from earlier: how’s your learning going? Are you understanding everything well? Practicing every day? Head on over to the Forums and let us know!

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