15. Wrap Up

Kudos to you, friend!

We’re hurtling toward the conclusion of The Basics, and you may not realise it, but the concepts and theory that you’ve already learned, comprise the bulk of what programmers do every day. It’ll probably surprise you to hear that many self proclaimed “programmers” – even those who produce apps – don’t understand these basics as well as you now do. This is the key distinction between hacking and programming. OptionalBits aims to teach you methodical, high quality programming. Master the concepts and you’re well on your way to joining the top echelons and truly earning that coveted “programmer” moniker.

The Road Ahead

We’ve covered a lot of ground, but naturally there are a myriad of concepts we’ve left untouched. We’ve done this for a reason; many of these concepts are better explained using a concrete programming language, as opposed to pseudocode. Fear not! All will be presented, and deconstructed in the lessons to follow.

We’ll learn to transpose English concepts into Ruby code (and many other languages in even further lessons), from where we’ll gradually progress to building real programs, with increasing levels of complexity. By the time you’ve completed the next serie of lessons, you’ll have at your disposal, all the requisite knowledge and tools to begin creating full featured apps. Excitement!

For now though, lets harness our freshly acquired theoretical knowledge and dive headfirst into Introduction To Ruby, where things are about to get real! First thing we’ll do is set up your computer with a proper development environment.


Again, congrats! Double congrats if you had no prior programming experience. Triple congrats if you are an active member of this community participating in the comment threads.

If at any time you find yourself struggling with a concept or a word, don’t forget to use the lessons included in The Basics as a resource!

Important Words

  • You. Are. Awesome.

Even though this was more a summary than a lesson, we’ve still got some homework for you. Here at OptionalBits, we love feedback! Use the Forums to let us know what you think of the course so far. Tell us if you think there’s anything that needs to improve, or anything that you’re having trouble understanding. Hasta la vista!

Oh, and we’d also greatly appreciate if you’d be so kind to share the course address with your contacts!

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