Our Team

Nick – Founder, Content Creator

From his first BASIC program at 9 years old to two startups and a long and successful career in IT, Nick has over 25 years of experience across a broad range of programming languages. Over the years, he’s taught many coders how to think, work, and create like a professional developer. And he’s 100% self-taught.

As a teacher, Nick realized the importance of emphasizing programming concepts over syntax. He developed a teaching method that focused on understanding the basics of coding across all languages and thinking like a programmer. OptionalBits is the result of putting his methods and lessons in writing.

Nick is proof that, with hard work and ambition, anyone can learn professional skills to start a new career coding in the real world.

Bridge – Co-Founder, Content Editor

First an accountant, now a web designer, Bridge goes to show that new coders can come from anywhere. He began teaching himself programming in early 2015 – starting with C, JavaScript, Ruby, and Python – and soon left his day job to pursue coding full-time.

Bridge handles the testing and editing role at OptionalBits, making sure our courses are clear and easy to understand.

Additional Contributors

The first 15 lessons were proofread, tested, and edited by the brilliant Kyra Maya Phillips. Her work made our launch possible – thanks, Kyra!

If you spot a mistake or typo anywhere, or if you just have general feedback or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line – we love hearing from our users!

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