Learn How To Code In The Real World

We Teach You How To Be A Professional Developer

From novice to employable, OptionalBits is here to teach you how to code the right way.

  • Learn important coding concepts that are used in all languages.
  • Learn how to think through and solve problems like a programmer.
  • Learn the skills needed to begin a career as a professional developer.

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What Is OptionalBits?

OptionalBits is about teaching you how to think like a programmer. We’re about teaching you what programming really is. We’re about taking the mystery out of code and preparing you for coding in the real world.

Many coding websites show you how to hack bits and pieces without teaching you how things work in the real world. That’s not what we do.

Don’t spend your hard-earned money on courses that won’t prepare you for working on real projects. Don’t waste hours of time learning syntax without much explanation of what’s happening and without being taught how to build something useful.

We’re here to teach you how to be a professional developer – how to code the right way.

And we’re doing it for free.

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